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Car Insurance Quotes

Picture of Car on DrivewayReceive free car insurance quotes from some of Canada’s most recognized and trusted insurance companies. Find the right auto insurance policy, compare, and save money on coverage. InsuranceRates.ca uses an insurance-based Custom Search Engine (CSE) to provide access to car insurance quote providers.


Car Insurance

Auto insurance is mandatory if you own a vehicle. All Canadian provinces and territories require drivers to have at least liability and accident benefits/bodily injury coverage. Some provinces may require additional coverage. The insurance may be provided by public or private insurers or, in Quebec, by a combination of both.

In Alberta, the Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Ontario, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island, all car insurance is provided by private, non-government insurance companies who compete for your business.

In British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, a government-owned insurer provides the basic compulsory insurance, while the government and private insurers compete for optional and “top-up” (additional) coverage.

In Quebec, residents have two car insurance policies: one from the government insurer, which insures against injuries to people resulting from the operation of motor vehicles; and one from a private insurer, which insures against damage to property.

Insurance Coverage

Collision, specified perils, comprehensive and all perils are among the additional coverage available for your vehicle. In general, coverage is similar across the country.

​​​Established by provincial and territorial governments, mandatory auto insurance​ is the minimum amount of coverage every vehicle owner must have. Additional auto insurance coverages you may consider include: ​

  • Collision
  • Specified perils
  • Comprehensive
  • All perils

Compare rates between providers, and research companies to learn more about the services they provide in these Canadian provinces.

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