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In Canada, insurance can be purchased in one of three ways:

  • Directly from an insurance company;
  • From an insurance agent, who represents a single insurer and can offer only that company’s products; or
  • Through an insurance broker, who can offer a choice of coverage and prices from various insurance companies, and whose foremost duty is to his/her client.

Insurance brokers apply their unbiased, professional expertise in not only assisting you to secure insurance coverage, but also in ensuring that your coverage is up-to-date. They also understand their job doesn’t end there.

Provincial Directories

The Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC) is a federation of 11 provincial/regional associations, representing approximately 25,000 property and casualty (p&c) insurance brokers in Canada. With over 300 companies providing insurance to consumers in Canada, and each offering its own unique coverage, comparing coverage can be a time-consuming job. Shopping for the best insurance policy to meet your needs is the major responsibility of an insurance broker.